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2019 Winning Experiences

Feel the spirit of Workation Vilnius. In the city, where you don‘t know what to expect, you find the space to work and to relax as well.

Change the way you think about work. Vilnius is full of space to work and to relax as well.

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The Smart Infrastructure Division of Siemens AG

“Thanks to the week in Vilnius, we believe that we can achieve great deliverables and also refresh our mindset. As a result, we will be able to better address the changing market needs and create added value for our customers.”


“Lithuania is actively promoting its fintech scene, it is close-knit and very collaborate, and that is a huge advantage and draw for fintechs from all over Europe,” commented Mody. “Of course, the UK has the advantage of having a big community of fintechs offering various kinds of services and access to capital. Another benefit of the UK is the country’s larger customer base, who are more financially active. This is good for testing your product before expanding.

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British Airways

“As a global organisation, we seek to enhance our cross-market working environments,” a BA representative wrote in its Workation Vilnius pitch. “Having the opportunity to work from Vilnius would strengthen our teams’ relationships and empower our employees.”