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WORKATION Vilnius Programme Rules

    1. The organiser of the Workation Vilnius Programme is the public company GO Vilnius (legal entity code 123641468), located at Gynėjų g. 14, LT-01109 Vilnius, Lithuania, hereinafter referred to as the Organiser.
    1. Workation Vilnius is a motivational programme designed to improve employee retention, boost productivity and positively transform company cultures by giving international companies and talented professionals a chance to work remotely in Vilnius while discovering all the benefits the Lithuanian capital has to offer;
    2. The Programme prizes are three (3) one-week Workation Vilnius Programmes (each winner wins one Programme). Each Workation Vilnius Programme is intended for a team of up to 10 employees of the winning company;
    3. The Organiser pays for return economy class flights, transportation to/from the airport, 4-star hotel accommodation, and office rental costs (with furniture, electricity, and internet service). The Organiser will not reimburse any personal expenses accrued throughout the Programme (internal transport, catering, leisure, etc.);
    4. The Organiser will select three (3) teams of companies to test work and leisure opportunities in Vilnius. The initiative gives winners a chance to network with senior industry professionals and local authorities by day and experience the city’s charming views, restaurants and cafés, and infrastructure each evening.
    1. Programme participants will take part in the Workation Vilnius Programme from 1 September 2019 to 22 September 2019;  
    2. Each selected company will take part in the Workation Vilnius Programme for one (1) week during the above-stated period. The Organiser and the selected companies will mutually agree on the specific weeks in which they will take part in the Programme. 
    1. The Programme will be implemented in Vilnius, Lithuania. 
    1. Criteria for the companies:
      1. The Programme is open to medium and large companies (from 50 employees, annual revenues from EUR 10 million);
      2. The companies participating in the Programme must not have financial difficulties, be in the process of declaring bankruptcy, or be over-indebted; they cannot be in the process of closing their companies, either; 
      3. The companies participating in the Programme are required to provide a cover letter during the registration process (max 300 words). When submitting a cover letter, companies must explain why they should be selected to participate in the Programme.
    2. Selection criteria:
      1. While selecting the winners, the Organiser will give priority to companies registered in Great Britain, the United States of America, the European Union and European Free Trade Association countries; 
      2. While selecting the winners, the Organiser will give priority to companies from the Life Science, ICT and FinTech sectors, as well as companies whose activities are related to export. However, companies from other sectors may also apply and be considered for selection.
      3. While selecting the winners, the Organiser will also consider the motivation of applicants expressed in their cover letter.
    1. The company’s authorised representative fills in the registration form on the dedicated Programme website:;
    2. Registration for the Programme takes place from 1st of May 2019 (the first day of the Promotion) until 30th of June 2019 inclusive (the last day for Registration);
    3. Each company can only be registered once per year;
    4. When registering, the Participant confirms that the data submitted in the registration is correct and accurate. In case the winner submits incorrect data, another winner will be selected in the manner prescribed by the Rules.
    1. The winners will be determined by a team of three (3) experts formed by the Organiser. The group will consist of expert representatives from the Municipality of Vilnius, GO Vilnius and Invest Lithuania (the country’s official agency for Foreign Direct Investment and Business Development);
    2. The Organiser will contact selected companies using the contacts indicated in their registration before the winners of the Programme are announced on the and GO Vilnius websites, as well as in the press and on social networks;
    3. Following the deadline for registration submissions on 30 of June 2019, three (3) winners will be selected. Once the winners confirm their participation in the Programme, they will be announced publicly and informed by 31 of July 2019;
    4. The winners must confirm their participation in the Programme to the Organiser by sending an official letter or email from the company director or another responsible person, and/or the company board declaring its participation; 
    5. After confirming their participation in the Programme, the winners must provide a list of Programme participants with personal data by 15 of August 2019 (inclusive) to enable the Organiser to fulfil its obligations smoothly; 
    6. A selected company has the right to refuse to participate in the Programme and remove its registration records. In this case, another company will be selected to take its place;
    7. Personal data is going to be used by the Organiser for organisational purposes only (the purchase of tickets, booking of accommodation). Personal data will be handled in accordance with GDPR and the GO Vilnius Privacy policy, which can be accessed here:;
    8. One company can only win one Workation Vilnius Programme each year;
    9. Upon arrival, the winners must have valid European Health Insurance Card or travel insurance for those coming from outside the EU”.
    1. Participants have the right to delete their registration data at any time during the registration process; 
    2. In organising and implementing the Programme, the Organiser will not submit personal participant data to third parties, except in cases provided for by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania;  
    3. The winners’ details (such as names, surnames, cities of residence, contact phone numbers or e-mail addresses, and personal codes) required for the execution of the Programme and administration of prizes will be presented to the Organiser by the winner in writing; 
    4. By submitting their personal data, winners agree that the Organiser will handle the data they provided for the purpose of the execution of the Programme and administration of prizes; 
    5. If the winner does not agree to provide the Organiser with the necessary data and objects to facilitate the processing of this data, they will lose their right to the prize. In this case, the group of experts will select another winner in accordance with the procedures established by these Rules;
    6. When participating in the Programme, the winning company agrees in good faith to be included in the Programme’s promotional activities. These include the winning company’s portrayal in communication and other marketing material, as well as communication dissemination actions associated to the Programme;
    7. After participating in the Programme, the company representatives will be asked to evaluate the Programme’s benefits and attractiveness. Participation will not be obligatory;
    1. Programme Participants have the right to submit complaints about the progress of the Programme until 31 October 2019; 
    2. Complaints can be submitted to the Organiser in writing to the following address: Gynėjų g. 14, LT-01109 Vilnius, Lithuania, tel.: +370 686 57232; e-mail:; 
    3. All submitted complaints will be dealt with and Programme participants will receive a reply within 30 calendar days from the receipt of their written complaint.
    1. All issues not covered by these Rules are regulated by the provisions of the Lithuanian Civil Code, the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights, and other applicable legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania; 
    2. Individuals participating in the Programme confirm that they agree with these Rules and undertake to follow and comply with them; 
    3. The prize cannot be exchanged for another prize or cash; 
    4. The Organiser is not liable for any losses the winners may suffer as a result of taking part in the Programme; 
    5. The Organiser is not responsible for any damage caused to third parties by Programme participants or losses incurred by the participants due to the fault of the participants themselves, i.e. deliberate action or negligence;  
    6. The Organiser may make unilateral decisions in accordance with the applicable legislation and these Rules; 
    7. The Organiser has the right to make amendments to the Rules of this Programme by notifying the companies in advance in the same manner as these Rules were published.