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Truly business-friendly

Things move quickly in Vilnius. Businesses go from idea to launch within days – it only takes up to three days to register a new business. Startups and other FinTech businesses can test their products and business models in a regulatory sandbox facilitated by the Bank of Lithuania. Plus, the city’s bright workforce, low operating costs and general can-do attitude give businesses operating in Vilnius a distinct competitive advantage.

An open data city – critical real-time data is an economic driver and makes valuable knowledge-sharing easier than ever.

Fastest public Wi-Fi in the world – communication and data transfers are a right, not a privilege here.

Vilnius is ranked first globally in fulfilling ICT business requirements. Over the 2019-2020 period, the Vilnius office market will increase by approximately 218,000 sqm of modern office space (635,200 sqm in 2018)

It’s not just digital connectivity, either

Vilnius can be reached easily by using one of the 17 airlines operating routes to the city. Once here, Vilnius is compact and very walkable. Plus, the sharing economy is really thriving, so if you don’t want to walk, you can get a bike, scooter or a car by using a few simple apps.

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50+ direct flights to European destinations from Vilnius International Airport.

Vilnius is ranked first in Europe in terms of shared cars per capita.

It takes an average of around three hours to reach Vilnius from most EU capitals by plane.

Already here

Vilnius is the Most Dynamically Developing City in the region (CEE Business Services Awards 2019). The startup mindset, a growing number of reputable international companies, and an innovative freelance community make for an exciting entrepreneurial atmosphere with tons of potential. Vilnius has the fast-growing population of young professionals in Europe, and is the second-youngest capital in Europe.

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