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Work from Europe’s up-and-coming workspace

As far as your work goes, it needs to be a seamless part of the experience for your workation to be a real success – but it’s not as simple as just going to the office.

And spaces to do quality work from

Your Vilnius office will be housed in a brand new co-working space, the UMA GO9, right in the heart of the city. Having all the necessary modern office amenities, a secure internet connection, and a flexible space will inspire your team and make for efficient and productive workdays. And once you step out of your office, you’ll be right where all the action happens – the Old Town, filled with restaurants, events, and culture.

Excellent location in downtown Vilnius.

24/7 access for the members

Entering and room booking using our app. It takes just 1 minute or even less!

Lots of restaurants and shops in the same building.