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The Workation Vilnius 2019 winners are:

British Airways


Thank you!

To all participants

Go Vilnius

Dear all,

A big thank you to everyone for your engagement and interest in the Vilnius Workation Programme 2019. We know just how much Vilnius has to offer and are happy to see that so many of you wanted to get a taste of our city’s work/life balance and inspiring workspaces that we’re building a reputation for.

We’re hopeful that this opportunity got you dreaming about our city and put it on your radar as an inspiring workation destination. Part of our job at Go Vilnius is to provide support to international businesses interested in learning more about Lithuania’s capital, so if ever you do want to treat your team to a Vilnius workation, feel free to get in touch with us – it’d be a pleasure to help turn your vision into a reality.

Thanks again for your time and engagement,
The Go Vilnius team

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Why Vilnius?

Lithuania’s capital is among the fastest-growing business centres in Europe and an up-and-coming destination among travellers looking for unique experiences. Vilnius benefits from a highly developed infrastructure, rapid broadband connectivity, and a wide selection of high-quality offices, making it an excellent location for getting great work done. With a population of just under 600,000 the cosy and small city can easily be overlooked, which is why it really is the g-spot of Europe! Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it – it‘s amazing!


Feel at Home in Vilnius

Getting acquainted with the historic charms of Vilnius Old Town or its modern city centre is easy – so is finding the perfect home for your workation. The options are plenty – from the top international chains and boutique hotels, to unique hostels and more homely apartment environments. At least four new hotels with 850+ rooms are slated to open in Vilnius between now and 2020. Your team will stay at a 4-star hotel, which will make it a true vacation and the perfect opportunity to escape the daily routine and enjoy Vilnius’ enviable work-life balance.


Work from the UMA GO9

With 82% growth in the sector over the last three years, Vilnius has established itself as a Shared Service Centre hot-spot. The city is increasingly attracting Global Business Service Centres with advanced functions, as well as centres of excellence and an array of different startups and FinTech operations.


Get a taste of local life

Locals in Vilnius really know how to relax after work and are always ready to let you join in the fun. Are you up for unique adventures? Soar in a hot air balloon over the Old Town or take a kayak onto the Neris River at night. Want to experience some crazy nightlife? The Golden Triangle will suck you in ‘till dawn. Interested in art? Three brand new museums just opened in Vilnius. Looking for nature? Vilnius has a park half as big as Central Park right in the city and three regional parks surrounding the city. What about architecture? One word: UNESCO.

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